Power in the Pandemic

The trailer - Power in the Pandemic

April 21, 2020 Oxfam
Power in the Pandemic
The trailer - Power in the Pandemic
Show Notes

      Something that threatens to separate us, is highlighting our deep interconnection.   

Welcome to Power in the Pandemic podcast. Right now, the world is going through massive shifts, triggered by the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. In this series, we're bringing together the unheard and often forgotten voices living through the pandemic, in order to get a glimpse into the world that’s being created in the cracks of this crisis.

In each episode, we will hear from a range of individuals and social leaders, from migrant labourers to trans youth mobilizing in their communities, to humanitarian workers. We'll learn about responses to the virus from those already facing a range of inequalities and injustices daily.

What are the guiding principles of communities and groups of people most vulnerable to the effects of this pandemic? What works in different regions? How is local leadership being reimagined, and what new sorts of arrangements are emerging?

Join us to hear the emerging voices and stories as Power Shifts and the Oxfam In-Depth podcast collaborate to bring you Power in the Pandemic.  Listen and subscribe on your favourite podcast platform.

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