Power in the Pandemic

Living on a Resettlement Camp During a Pandemic

June 09, 2020 Oxfam
Power in the Pandemic
Living on a Resettlement Camp During a Pandemic
Show Notes

Coronavirus has brought up new challenges locally and globally, how do these challenges affect refugees and internally displaced people living on resettlement camps?

How has the Coronavirus made a difficult and precarious living situation more complicated for internally displaced people and refugees? What is it like to live through this pandemic in a camp setting? And what are community members, organizations and governments doing to build community’s resilience and preparedness in camps? 

We hear from YPSA in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh and a resident of Sittwe Camp in Myanmar. How is information being disseminated about Coronavirus and how are people adapting to social distancing? We also hear from Jordan's Za'atari Refugee Camp hearing how waste collectors are keeping the camp clean during the lockdown.

Links and resources:

Life Under Lockdown: Keeping Za'atari Refugee Camp clean despite COVID-19

The plight of the Rohingya - Resource from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Find out more about YPSA- Young Power in Social Action who work out of Cox's Bazar

The ISCG's recent report on COVID-19: Preparedness and response for the Rohingya refugee camps and host communities in Cox’s Bazar District

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