Power in the Pandemic

Maggie's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

August 31, 2020 Oxfam
Power in the Pandemic
Maggie's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care
Show Notes

"The climate crisis is real for so many communities. Sometimes we don't have the language for it, we can't explain it. But we can feel it in our bodies. We feel it in our land. We see it in the water" - Maggie Mapondera

This is the second episode of a new mini-series, in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journeys zine which launched on the 24th of August, 2020. This publication is a collection of journeys, stories, and ideas from five feminist activists working at the intersection of gender and climate justice.

In this second episode we hear from Maggie Mapondera, an activist-communicator-facilitator from Zimbabwe, who currently works with WOMIN, an organisation supporting and allying with women impacted by extractivism. Tune in to hear Maggie reflecting on difficult questions around systemic violence and race, climate change and COVID. Listen to how she's working to break down the silos separating these issues, and the importance of grappling with histories of violence to do justice to visions of feminist and climate justice activists today.

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Links and resources:

Womin - the organisation Maggie works for
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Host and narration: Maria Faciolince 
Production and audio editing: Bethany Donkin