Power in the Pandemic

Majandra's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

October 29, 2020 Oxfam
Power in the Pandemic
Majandra's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care
Show Notes

"From an ecofeminist perspective, we understand that the sustainability of life should be at the front and centre of our economic system, instead of profit and competition. That means valuing care work. It means valuing low-carbon jobs. It means valuing the sustainability of all life." - Majandra Rodríguez Acha

This is the fourth episode of a  mini series, in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journey's zine which launched on the 24th of August, 2020. This publication is a collection of journeys, stories, and ideas from five feminist activists working at the intersection of gender and climate justice.

In this episode, we hear from Majandra Rodríguez Acha, climate justice and queer feminist activist from Lima, Peru. Majandra’s activism focuses on gender, intersectionality, youth activism and the environment. In this episode, you'll hear Majandra share insights from her work at TierrActiva Perú and FRIDA on building transnational feminist solidarity and helping create new narratives to the ecological crisis geared towards feminist solutions and community-based organising. Listen to her delve into questions around navigating power and privilege, and reflect on the systemic crisis to highlight intersections between different forms of oppression, allowing us to see the direct relation between violence against women's bodies and the environment.

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Links and resources:

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Women's Environment and  Development Organization (WEDO)

Host and narration: Maria Faciolince 

Production and audio editing: Beth Donkin